reasons to choose a personal shuttle for your cruise vacation

Going on a cruise is one of those experiences that everyone should have in life. You get to go out on a luxury boat and enjoy a vacation on the water isolated away from the rest of the world’s problems. However, there’s just one problem.

You can’t bring your car on the boat.

A lot of people still drive to the pier and leave their cars nearby, but there are several issues with that.

However, you can avoid a lot of problems by simply choosing a personal shuttle service in Seattle to take you to and from your cruise. If you haven’t done it before, or you don’t understand the point of it, here are 7 reasons it stands out as the best transport option for your vacation cruise.

1: Avoid Thefts

If you drive your own car and park it outside of a business, in a parking garage, or anything like that while you’re gone, your car will be unattended for as long as your cruise lasts. Most cruises last at least a week. That leaves a lot of opportunity for thieves to break into your property, take whatever they want, or just take the car.

With a personal shuttle service, you can enjoy professional transportation from your house to the pier, and your car can stay in the safety of your secured garage at home with trusted neighbors looking out for any strange activity.

2: Avoid Getting Towed

Unless you park in a spot that is designated for long-term parking, such as a parking garage you have paid for long-term access to, you’ll likely get back and notice that your car is no longer there. Parking meters run out, businesses tow parked cars that aren’t customers, and in general, your car isn’t safe. So, you can end up with tons of towing fees and end your vacation with a horrible experience.

Since you get to park your car at home when utilizing a personalized cruise shuttle service in Seattle, you don’t have to worry about any of that. You’re driven to your destination, you arrange to be picked up, and you skip all the hassle of dealing with towing companies. 

3: Avoid Parking Fees

Even if you do things the right way and pay for a proper parking pass that covers your entire stay, you’ll usually end up paying a hefty fee. That fee goes up, or consequences start to stack up if you end up staying away longer than expected.

Now, hiring a private shuttle service does cost. It’s not free, and it’s not even “inexpensive” by most people’s standards. However, personal shuttle service in Seattle is often far cheaper than paying for two weeks’ worth of constant parking and potentially having extra fees added if you stay too long.

With a personal shuttle in Seattle, you pay once, and if you need the personal shuttle to pick you up, you arrange it and pay for the pickup service. In the end, you save money.

4: Avoid Delays

You can probably make your way around your local area fairly well and know what roads to avoid at what times, but how often do you go to the pier? You’re likely to follow the main roads and end up in a high-traffic area. That can greatly impact your cruise. You might even miss your departure time if you get stuck behind a bad wreck with no idea where to go.

A cruise shuttle service in Seattle knows how to navigate the entire area and the surrounding areas. The drivers know exactly what roads to avoid, detours they can take, and other things to ensure that you get to the pier on time. Their jobs, and the company, depend on them having that knowledge.

Hiring a personal chauffeur can mean the difference between going on vacation or going home disappointed in some situations.

5: Avoid Cabs and Uber

Taxis have always been a popular way to handle this issue, and Uber has become tremendously popular. However, there are problems with both of those options.

First, taxi drivers aren’t known for trying to get you somewhere as fast as possible. They get paid per mile, and it counts as you go. Naturally, squeezing a couple extra miles into the trip is in their best interest. Plus, you’re just getting a car ride. There are no other perks or benefits.

With Uber, you never know what type of experience you’ll get. A driver might not even opt to pick you up when you need one.

A personal shuttle is a straightforward service that removes all the nonsense so you can focus on going on your vacation cruise.

6:  A More Stable Pickup Experience

With other transport services, you often have to deal with a lot of hassles when you get picked up. Sure, you can schedule a taxi ahead of time, but they might get caught up with another client that wasn’t scheduled. With Uber, we already mentioned how a driver might not pick up your request, and you have to put that request in when you want the ride.

With a personal shuttle service in Seattle, you book your transportation in advance, and a vehicle and driver are set aside specifically for you at the time you request them to show up. You can trust that the shuttle will be there on time and ready to go, and there are no hassles to worry about.

7: Start Your Vacation Right

A cruise is a relaxing experience. So, why spend the first part of your vacation, driving to the cruise, and risk spoiling your mood before the fun even starts?

A personal shuttle is a luxury experience. You ride in a comfortable vehicle, your driver is a professional, and you can focus on your excitement instead of navigating traffic and hoping nothing goes wrong. 

This is the perfect way to start your vacation cruise off on the right foot.

Get Professional Transport with Seattle Town Car Best Ride

If you’re getting ready to embark on a cruise from Pier 91 or Pier 66, we can provide you with professional personal shuttle services across Seattle. Make a reservation with Seattle Town Car Best Ride today, and start your vacation the right way.

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